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Monday at the Meadow ~ Brrrrrr it’s cold

Another Monday here at the hide and a typical British winters day. Temperature wise it’s not that cold , 5c but it feels a lot colder , damp and overcast with definitely something wet hanging in the air, coupled with a cold northerly wind. Lucky for me the hide is well equipped to handle the weather with comfy arm chairs and warm woolly blankets to wrap up in. ( it’s still rather cold ) 

An early start today , it’s still early morning here and rather dark when I arrived at the hide , so it’s on with the lights and time to set up the cameras for a cold but enjoyable days wildlife watching.

It’s been a fair time since my last full list of the supporting cast so here goes…..

Let’s start with the usual crowd. Robins , Blue tits , Great tits and long tailed tits. The Chaffinch family , Wren , Blackbird , Great spotted woodpecker , Song thrush and Wood pigeon. Then there was the usual hand of Pheasants, both male and female. Three Grey squirrels all fighting over the pile of peanuts and generally causing havoc around the paddling pool.

Two of our rare visitors made a brief appearance, the Goldfinch and the tiny Gold crest. Both only visiting for only a couple of minutes to use the paddling pool for a quick wash and brush up. 

Here are a few more images from the day…….

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