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Monday at the Meadow ~ Be Prepared 

As my good friend Bob always say’s, be prepared . You will never know when that one in a million shot will happen , so have you’re camera ready. Well the opportunity happened this morning and yes , I missed it. 

I had just arrived at the Hide and was busy getting both cameras ready for a full days Wildlife watching when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a weasel stood upright on the pathway looking into the taller grass. Now weasels don’t like movement or noise so I decided just to watch the little fella. With that he jumped in the air in the direction of the tall grass , emerging with a freshly caught mouse in his mouth and wham , off at double time into the undergrowth. 

In equal measures I was both counting my luck at witnessing a weasel hunt and catch prey, and cursing not having set my camera up earlier. Turning my attention back to the camera set up I then noticed a Kestrel sat on a post less than five metres away that had also been watching the hunt. Again another missed opportunity.

It’s not been all bad news though, still plenty of wildlife about to keep me entertained today and here are a few images…..

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