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So that’s another year done and dusted , now consigned to the history books as the year the world started to return to normal after the covid pandemic. So welcome to 2023 and I wish you all a very happy New Year. We had a few weeks of downtime in December, time spent with family and friends recharging the batteries after a busy few months. This included a few days away with Graham , his wife Louise and my wife Anne in Munich , enjoying the delightful Christmas markets and yes maybe a few of the wonderful beer houses.

Now fully recharged and ready for the new year I thought I would share a few of our plans for 2023 with you…

The only place to start is the Wildflower Meadow Hide, the mainstay of my photography. We are now starting our third year of ownership and the hide is now completely finished. Our new mirrored windows are in which makes the hide far more comfortable on cold winter days so apart from a coat of wood stain it’s all systems go.

The Paddling Pool , our little oasis of water will have an overhaul in the spring with an additional pool created. It really is the focal point of the whole meadow and the only water available in the area , a vital resource for all the local wildlife.

We are also going to start phase two of our tree planting program with an additional twenty trees due to be planted in early spring. Then it’s just the normal ongoing maintenance to the feeders and paths within the meadow.

We have big plans for Wildonline , the blog. We already have a couple of new Meet the Model’s ready to go and hope to have a few more finished during 2023. And it’s the same for our Location feature . As much as I love the Meadow Hide it’s definitely time to spread our wings and try new locations out. We’re also on the lookout for new guest bloggers . So if you or someone you know is interested in joining the team please get in touch at

Anyway time to get the cameras back out , charge the batteries and get back out there .

Happy New Year



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  1. Ha! Much of the world might have attempted normality, but with the UK tearing its way through three prime ministers and enough U turns to keep a fun fair in business, we can only hope for a bit more ordinariness this year. I think, as ever, time in the natural world might be our salvation. Happy new year!.

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    • The natural world is certainly less complicated, and as the pandemic hopefully fades away into memory I just hope we can turn our attention to out world and wildlife…. Perhaps I’m just dreaming.
      Happy New Year

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