New for 2018 – Little Foxes

For any Wildlife photographer the welfare and survival of wild animals must be a prime concern. Without these wonderful creatures we would be lost. Luckily for us there are some fantastic organisations and charities out there with dedicated staff looking after injured and orphaned animals . Its with great pleasure that I can now reveal [...]

Let it Snow

Great it's snowing , so what most of my friends from colder climates might say but let me tell you , it's a rare treat for us folk who live in southern England. Even better it's a good covering , and a camera day , yippee. But hold on , the Police have closed the [...]

Fish For Friday ?

It doesn't happen often but today was one of those rare occasions, a Friday out of the office , and with no family duties to perform an even rarer free pass day. I decided to scout around a few locations that have slipped under the radar recently. Not looking for anything in particular I armed [...]