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A quick update on our recently stolen camera , the nest camera has been found in the garden , so obviously the fox decided he didn’t need a security camera at home ! The camera is a sealed unit so unfortunately we can’t get this one repaired but the very nice people at Nest have offered to replace the unit free of charge . However we have been informed by Nest that they will not be adding “ stolen by a fox “ to their fault finding flow chart…………….

Last Week ……..

We have two nest camera’s in our back garden ( yard ) which we use to watch and record our visiting wildlife . Both are mounted low to the ground to record the comings and going’s of our nocturnal friends , and in exchange for their image rights being violated we leave out food and fresh water.

Last year , one of our foxes Mr Tingle Tongue took exception to being filmed whilst eating his supper / dinner or breakfast and bit through the cable . Well nearly a year later we have a new fox with a tingling tongue. Only this time he stole the whole camera !

The nice people at Nest sent us an email to let us know our camera was off line , with the last recorded picture of the culprit………….obviously they need to add “stolen by a fox “ to the list of possible problems !

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