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Mr Tingle Tongue

Camera Vandal

by Peter Hanscomb


Some of you will no doubt have seen footage takes by two Nest cameras in my back garden / yard of various animals , mainly foxes , hedgehogs and squirrels. Both cameras have a mains power supply via cable and WiFi’s linked to an app that let’s us view the recorded footage , what’s going on in the garden when we’re not at home. The other day one of the cameras went “ offline “ and after a quick investigation , it’s easy to see why. The power cable had been cut. Once this happens the WiFi single stops and so does the pictures. So just who would want to cut the cable ?

Once we had retrieved the footage , we had our answer . Not who but what…………. A new fox on the block , due to the small electric shock he must have received we’re going to call him Mr Tingle Tongue.

This video doesn’t exist


The camera can’t be repaired , the housing is a sealed unit , so my wife contacted the Nest helpline , explained the problem and sent them the video clip. Here is where the story takes a twist. Once the team at The Nest call centre had stopped laughing, they offered to replace the camera free of charge . Apparently a publicity shy fox is a new entry into their fault finding manual.

Well done Nest , fantastic customer service that proves even with the biggest companies ( Nest is owned by Google ) have a sense of Humour.

And lastly, a message for Tingle Tongue, chew through the new cable and the jam doughnuts STOP.


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