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Kit Bag – Canon Pixma IP8750 Photography Printer

After a recent post , the Hide which featured the inside of the hide with various photos , I was asked where I had the pictures printed , the answers a simple one . We have a Canon printer at home , it’s now nearly five years old and still going strong . Here is a quick overview..

The Pixma iP8750 is great for anyone who fancies large-format photo-printing. It delivers lovely crisp prints up to A3+ size , is relatively easy to set up and can prove a cost effective method of printing images on demand. We have now used the same printer for a number of years and so far it has been a reliable way to print , mostly at A3 and A3+ size.

Usage is really simple , download the Canon printer app , turn the printer on , hold the WI-FI button until the printer connects to your network ( you will need to press the WPS button during connection on your WI-FI hub if you have a secure network ) load your chosen size of paper and print. An A3+ size print will take approximately 30 seconds to print. The printer has compatibility with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, but doesn’t have a Ethernet socket. Printing a 10x15cm borderless photo should cost around 20p and borderless A3+ photo will set you back around £1.55 (excluding paper).

The iP8750 employs a six-ink cartridge system; each cartridge can be changed individually, so you don’t need to throw out a half-full cyan canister just because you’ve run out of yellow. Official Canon cartridges are available in both regular and XL sizes, depending on your usage. We have also used replacement cartridges from Inkredible which seem to work just fine in the printer and retail at a fraction of the price. Changing the cartridges is a simple task and each one has a LED light to indicate it’s status , a sold in light means all is ok , flashing light equals time to replace the cartridge. The official full set of cartridges retails around £65.00 with the Inkredible full set costing £17.00 , so there is a real saving to be made.

The IP8750 is available to purchase online , with prices around £ 230.00

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  1. Can I ask, how often do you print? I have, time and again, found that the inkjet print heads are blocked with dried ink when I come to attempt a print. That goes equally for Canon as it does Epson and other marques which have eventually found their way into recycling. Do you experience blocked inkjet heads? If so, do you manage to unblock them and how? I now rely on a mono double side laser printer and use a local Timpsons for the odd photo print.

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    • It tends to be in batch’s , so I will print 10 to 20 prints in a day at A3 or A3+ and then not print again for six months. So far I have not had any issues with blocked inkjet heads. I have only ever used official Canon cartridges so far but this time I have used cheaper cartridges from Inkredible which have been a dream to use , and cheap so time will tell how the printer responds in six months time when I start it up again ☹️

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