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Weekend Wildlife

It’s the weekend and time for another visit to the hide at the meadow. And it’s another glorious summer’s day here in North Wiltshire. The meadow seems to grow taller every day . Most of the meadow is now waist height and the perches for the birds are slowly one by one being reclaimed by the grass and flowers. It’s definitely a learning curve it that’s surely part of the charm , learning about the land and how it develops during the year.

Anyway , it’s been a quiet day at the hide , with a lot less activity. The rats are still out and about together with the blue and great tits. Robins , Jackdaws , Pigeons and Blackbird all present and correct. And the Great Spotted Woodpecker has made a very brief appearance. Overall the meadow has exceeded expectations in terms of the diversity of species we have recorded visiting the meadow. I rather optimistically challenged myself to find and film 200 different species of fauna & flora in our first year here.

So far we have recorded 55 different species including mammals , birds and insects and with regard to the last group , the insect world we are only just beginning to scratch the surface. If you want to find out who’s been visiting the hide , click on the link , the 200

Anyway it’s been a hot day , time for a little sleep in the sun ……….

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