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Wildlife Wednesday 2-6-2021

It’s that time off the week again , Wildlife Wednesday, almost live from the hide at the meadow. And it’s a glorious warm sunny day here in Wiltshire, in fact it’s my first time in the hide in just a tee shirt

The meadow has grown considerable in the past few weeks , in some places it’s now above waist height so we have had to strim a pathway to the hide. I think it’s important that we keep our human impact to as little as possible, so while trimming a path might look harsh, as the hide opens up to visitors in the long run it will help to protect the meadow .

The hide has been quiet today , with the exception of the rat pack and Mr & Mrs Woodpecker. The woodpeckers have been coming and going all day , I think that the nest is very close in one of our large trees just behind the hide. It feels like we have had either the male or female on one of the feeders most of the day..

Ther has also even three or four Robins hanging out around the paddling pool , the usual blue and great tits and for the first time in a while a pair of goldfinches. At long last the wren has reappeared, as well as a first for the meadow , a song thrush. Lastly but not least, a very fleeting appearance from our resident tawny owl.

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