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Kit Bag – 3LT Alan Monopod

3 Legged  Thing  – Alankit2  Monopod review

by Peter Hanscomb


3 Legged Thing’s Alankit2 comprising Alan the monopod has just arrived in the post,  complete with his friend Docz the monopod stabiliser for for a short stay at  Wildonline’s HQ whilst we put them through their passes. I’m a firm believer in support when out and about with my camera , either with a tripod and gimbal head or for ease of movement a monopod , and up till now my weapon of choice has been my trusted Manfrotto 680B , a monopod that’s never let me down .

So here goes with the review, buy one . That’s all I need to say so much so I have just made their stay here permanent. Simple as that really but if you need more convincing carry on reading.

The Review


So I guess you still need convincing then , lets  start with first impressions, smart packaging without going over the top , all easily recyclable and the product arrived in perfect condition, always a great start. The product itself looks good , sturdy and feels well designed and manufactured . Modern twist lock mechanism, easy to use even with wet hands , lightweight carbon fibre construction for the extensions and a decent grip handle . Ok so once the feet are attached the weight does increase but here’s the beauty of the design, you don’t need to use them and it’s still a whole lot lighter that a full blown tripod. And that’s the point of a monopod , support coupled with ease of movement. When collapsed it will fit into most bags and extended it gives enough height for almost all situations.

So why should you buy an Alan monopod ?

When tested it easily coped with my 5d mk 3 and Sigma 150/600 lens ( quoted capacity is near 60kg ) , very impressive. Unlike my old Manfrotto there was no movement or creep in the monopod. Basically it was rock solid and passed the weight test no problem.

In terms of the products weight , as I said it’s not light when you attach the feet , but perfectly manageable and including the feet about the same weight as my old Manfrotto. And the foot pack definitely  transforms this from a good monopod , to a great monopod.


One of the big draw backs with a standard monopod is support when you need to grab another lens out of you bag , or in fact just carry out a simple task like put on a coat. Alan and his mate Docz easily copes and by simply placing one foot on top of one of docz’s feet leaves your camera safe and well supported while you do whatever you need to do. You can if your really wreck less leave your camera to free stand with the monopod fully extended , as per the picture but it’s not recommended ! And whilst we on the subject of support so to speak , the handle or grips pretty darn good too. Well designed with a great positive grip , comfortable and easy to carry all day.


Technical Details

Colour                                      Black
Maximum Height.                 (cm) 153
Maximum Load                     (grams) 60000
Minimum Height.                  (cm) 50.5
Number of Leg Sections       5
Primary Material                   Carbon Fibre
Weight                                      (g) 1105


Expect to pay around £ 169.00


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