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Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Langford lakes , a soundscape

Langford lakes – A Soundscape

words  by Jeni Bell

The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie……..

We’re so quick to relate our experiences in nature to what we see; the colours of the leaves that dangle from tree branches, shimmering green like ripples across water as the breeze passes through. We are quick to regale others with the sight of a buzzard rising on thermals, pulled by invisible thread upwards into the cornflower blue sky. On walks we point at the ducks on the pond, or the deer lurking in the woods, the impressive size of the rather rotund bumblebee that seems to buckle under its own weight carried only by two tiny wings, and the birds adorning the hedgerows

We see a lot and it’s wonderful. But what about our other senses; what about our hearing? Nature is secretive, it hides away in thickets and scrubs, or passes high overhead and sneaks round corners when we aren’t looking. So much of it slips through our fingers because we are relying solely on eyesight. A recent stroll around a local nature reserve opened my eyes (or ears) to the idea that our hearing can be the key for opening some of nature’s hidden doorways.

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Meet the Model – Pippa the Pine Marten

Meet the Model , Pippa the Pine Marten by Graham Stewart Pippa the Pine Marten – Martes martes Once extremely common in Britain, The Pine Marten was persecuted to near extinction, by 1915 only small pockets of them remained. The decline was brought about by 3 main factors, they were hunted for their fur, game […]


Here’s a couple of clips from last night , two of our hedgehogs having fun n the garden……

THE 40

Phase one of the planting at the meadow is now complete. The gaps in the northern boundary have been filled and we now have a mini , mini woods. All thanks to the efforts of Graham Stewart. Next on the list is the mini wildlife pond , you guessed right , in the mini woods. […]

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