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Drones , love or hate them it looks like the drone is here to stay. Used with imagination and care a drone can add a new perspective to wildlife photography. We have all seen footage on various tv wildlife programs, and no doubt a drone can give you a fantastic understanding of the landscape you are out and about in.

Drone footage of a wild flower meadow

So I decided to take the plunge and order a drone , not to replace my trusted camera but more to enhance my understanding of the area to be photographed. Having done a quick bit of research I decided to go with the DJI Mavic Mini for several reasons. Size , it fits into my existing camera bag . Price , it’s one of the cheaper models on the market , and lastly at 249g it’s just under the 250g and doesn’t require a license. Having said that I have both an operators and pilots license so I’m all legal and ready to fly.

Will the drone make a difference to my wildlife photography, only time will tell . That is if I am manage to master the art of flying the darn thing . Two flights and two crashes. The tree tends to win.

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