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Naming Rights

Naming Rights 

by Peter Hanscomb

Now GG is no longer with us , the only one of our visiting foxes that will tolerate my presence is his sister , who so far has escaped naming. We still have six regular foxy visitors most nights together with three hedgehogs.

It’s never been my intention to socialise any of the foxes. I think a healthy dislike of humans will serve them well , after-all these are wild animals and not all humans share the love of our little furry friends. however if you want to study foxes first hand nothing beats being able to observe them at close quarters.

I always try to maintain a certain distance i call the safety zone , approximately three metres or nine foot , not for my safety ( i have never encountered an aggressive fox ) but for the foxes safety and comfort. Another rule i have is to never approach a fox , my method is simply to choose a spot from which i can observe my subject and then stay still. If , and very few do , the fox closes the gap it’s on his terms. There really has only been three foxes in recent memory who would come closer to me , Peanuts a young female we lost last year , GG who recently lost his battle with mange and lastly GG’s un named sister.

All three of these foxes had lost their fear of me , but rather reassuringly would still bolt for cover as soon as another human arrived on the scene.( including my wife ) I would never want any fox visiting our garden to totally lose their fear, and would never let one get within a metre of me , not because of my fear but simply out of respect. Wild to me means wild and i don’t want to hand feed or pet any wild animal.

But as i said nothing beats observing a fox from a close but safe distance. watching their mannerisms reminds me just how close these animals are to our own domestic dogs. The way they interact with our other garden visitors such as cats and hedgehogs , again with no sign of aggression. The fox, for me will always be a much anticipated and welcome visitor.

All i need know is a new name for GG’s sister ?

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