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Wireless pt 2

Wireless pt 2

words and picture by Peter Hanscomb

I must be publicly mad , surely. A second outing on local BBC radio in what seems like just over a month ? The answer is just the opposite, strange you might think for someone who regularly blogs on line . However last night was a little bit special. A double booking no less and I’m not on about my co-pilot ( more about that later ) but I managed to double book the night . A chance to be on the radio talking about wildlife , blogging and thankfully no Elephants and……….. my favourite team the mighty Chelsea on the television in the Europa League final.

I tried really hard to avoid the score , having recorded the footie to watch later and if you don’t want to know the score , spoiler alert Chelsea won 4-1. However the high light of the night wasn’t seeing Eden Hazard bang in two goals in what could be his last game for the blues . No it was definitely meeting someone for the first time , my co-pilot on the night and a massive contributor and supporter of the wildonline blog Jeni Bell and her partner Bill , creator of The fantastic Seeking Wild Sights blog.


Meeting someone for the first time is always a little daunting, especially if you have your debut 45 minute slot on the radio a few hours later . Jeni however took it all in her stride. The 45 minutes literally flew by . In the company of Jeni’s partner Bill and my wife Anne 5 hours disappeared quicker than most first pints on a Friday night.

My first outing on radio was a mix of nerves and adrenaline. The second a pleasure partly down to my on-air co pilot . A top blogger , writer and now radio star.

Thanks Jeni

Find out more about Jeni and Bill’s story at






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