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Kit Bag – Canon Angled Viewfinder


Always shoot at eye level, great advise, but what if your model is a Hedgehog, and it’s raining. Getting you camera low to the ground on the move can be difficult so why not invest in an angled viewfinder ? The Canon Angle Finder C serves two purposes. The first is to create a more comfortable viewing angle when shooting with the camera low or at an awkward angle (such as when shooting upward). The second is to help the photographer to obtain precise manual focus through its 2.5x magnification feature. ( Very handy for the macro photographer)

Supplied with adapters  the Canon Angle Finder C will fit any EOS DSLR camera (and also many other brand film and digital SLRs) Squeeze the eyecup to release the catch and slide it up – slide the AF-C back into the eyecup’s position and it is ready to go.

The Canon Angle Finder C’s eyepiece rotates 360 degrees around the camera viewfinder with positive detents at 45 degree increments – but it is limited a 90 degree orientation to the camera viewfinder. Anyone who is tired of squatting down or with creaking knees bending down to look through a low-tripod-mounted camera will appreciate the Angle view finder.

The Canon Angle Finder C is solidly built and features metal connections. It weighs 124.7grams and measures 89mm x 63.5mm x 38.1mm small and light. A padded pouch is included so it’s not going to take up much room in your kit bag , or slow you down. It’s quick and easy to switch between your normal viewfinder so whilst it’s maybe not for everyone, if you spend a lot of your photographic life on the ground this might be a useful addition to you kit bag.

Available from Wex Photographic.


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