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Kit Bag – Trail Camera


Trail camera’s or camera traps can be a really useful tool for the wildlife photographer. Most photographers will accept there is a fair element of
luck , being in the right place at the right time, but with a small amount of
research and preparation your chances of bagging that image can only improve. Trail camera’s can help you gain a better understanding of the animals, and when they are moving around your chosen area of interest.


A trail camera is a basic fixed focal length camera with a built in trigger. ( PIR ) capable of recording still images and video to a memory card, all housed in a compact waterproof case. Most of the camera’s on the market have a 3 or 5MP sensor and use software or interpolation to boast the image resolution. It’s safe to say you will not win any prizes for images taken with a trail camera , but that’s not the point.


My trail camera of choice is the Bushnell Trophy trail camera , not the highest resolution or most advanced camera available , but a solid, reliable, easy to use and cheap camera that does the job. I usually pair the camera’s up and leave out on location for around a week. The camera is held in place with a cable tie and i always use a steel cable lock for added security. ( it’s always advisable to get the landowners permission to locate your trail camera on private land )


The trail camera is equally at home in the garden. It’s a really useful tool to record visitors to your bird feeders and can be left our in all weather conditions. The camera has a long battery life typically six months and set at 5MP even a small memory card is capable of capturing a large number of images.


Available from Wex Photographic.

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