Garden 2019

The Garden 2019 - Update words and pictures by Peter Hanscomb Last year's project was the garden , my attempt to see just how many different mammals , birds and insects I could attract to our average sized back garden. All the small improvements made last year continue to provide new opportunities to view and [...]

Wake up call……

Shocking report on the BBC, have a look at When are we going to wake up , realise that this planet isn't a Reserve of materials to exhaust in order to make a quick buck , it's not only OUR home , but also the home of millions and millions of other living beings. [...]

Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Travel update

Travel update words and picture by Jeni Bell The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie........ The eagle eyed amongst you might’ve noticed that all our recent blog posts have had a decidedly southern theme. They’re mainly based around the Chalke Valley, with a few forays a little bit further afield, but nothing major [...]