Wistman’s Wood

Wistman’s Wood by Alex White Wistman’s wood lies on Dartmoor near Two Bridges, Princetown, Devon. It’s known for being one of the only three remote high-altitude oak woods on Dartmoor. The walk through the moorland was amazing, with the weather managing to change quickly from a heavy drizzle to bright sunshine. As soon as you [...]

The 4 R’s

The four R's by Peter Hanscomb An article on the interweb caught my eye today , The Coalition, an environmental awareness site with   Firm focus on reducing our reliance on single use plastic . We have all heard of the 3 R's , well here are the 4 R's REFUSE disposable plastic whenever and [...]

Naming Rights

Naming Rights  by Peter Hanscomb Now GG is no longer with us , the only one of our visiting foxes that will tolerate my presence is his sister , who so far has escaped naming. We still have six regular foxy visitors most nights together with three hedgehogs. It's never been my intention to socialise [...]