Magic roundabout

The quickest way to clean our hedgehogs cages in the morning is to do both at the same time , so it's off to the play pen ( cardboard box ) for both Grumpy and Happy. Mr Happy likes nothing more than lazing around in a food mixer bowl , waiting for his bed to [...]

Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Watching Wildlife part 2

The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie........ In one of my previous blogs, Watching For Wildlife, I discussed 3 very simple tips that I felt were really beneficial for becoming aware of the wildlife around you on a day to day basis. They weren’t at all profound, they weren’t particularly difficult, and the [...]

My Kit Bag

My Kit Bag by Peter Hanscomb Cameras Right from the start of my photographic journey my camera of choice has been Canon. At that time and within my budget the best reviews where for Canon's 550d camera . My first taste of a dslr and to be honest I was hooked right from the start. [...]

Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Beautiful Blashford

The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie........ Now I’ve already confessed my love for wildlife hides in one of my previous blogs, and although the ones in this blog aren’t set on expansive lochs or surrounded by mountains it doesn’t take away how awesome these ones are. Blashford Lakes is up there in [...]