Meet the Model – Brandon the Blackbird

Meet the Model - Brandon the Blackbird , Turdus merula Words and pictures by Peter Hanscomb The Blackbird , Turdus merula is a member of the thrush family and can be found throughout Britain and mainland Europe. Easily recognisably , the male with it's glossy black plumage , bright yellow eye and yellow-orange bill is [...]

What a day !

Wednesday the 12th February, what a wildlife tip top day. I had plans for today, no office , wife away with work so the whole day free and another wildlife Wednesday on the cards , together with a few extra hours in bed which would have been a rare luxury. But the best made plans [...]

200 Update

200 Updated Do you want a challenge for 2020 ? How about spotting 200 different birds this year. Head over to Bird watching magazine or click here for more details.......... So far this year I think for me it’s personally around 30 birds., and were nearly at the end of January so 200 is going [...]