Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Otter survey training

Otter survey training words and picture by Jeni Bell The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie........ A couple of weeks ago I found myself arguing with the sat nav in the middle of Dorchester. OK, so that doesn’t sound very wild, (even though keeping up with the sat nav trying to deal with [...]

Meet the Model – Brandon the Blackbird

Meet the Model - Brandon the Blackbird , Turdus merula Words and pictures by Peter Hanscomb The Blackbird , Turdus merula is a member of the thrush family and can be found throughout Britain and mainland Europe. Easily recognisably , the male with it's glossy black plumage , bright yellow eye and yellow-orange bill is [...]

Appletons Wildlife Diary – Wildflower Meadow

Wildflower Meadow words by Alex White At the weekend, as a break from studying, I spent an hour sat taking photos in a wildflower meadow. An hour passed by very quickly while watching the Red Kites and Buzzards soar high on the thermals and butterflies flitting from flower to flower. Only some of the early [...]