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The Hide , Tuesday 1st September 2022

Something a little different today , an early evening picnic at the hide with my wife Anne. The light is certainly starting to fade a lot early now , so it’s a short stay of only a couple of hours. And it seems it’s too late for most of the usual suspects with only the Great tits and Robins making an appearance.

However the mammals more than made up for the lack of feathered visitors with Deer , Grey Squirrels , Voles , Rats and Rabbit all here. The Rabbits were particularly entertaining with a mother and two youngsters taking centre stage . We even had a visit from the resident Tawny Owl , always a bonus, unfortunately the rabbits didn’t agree and made a quick dash for cover.

The adventure continued as we approached home with a both a fox and hedgehog on our drive , so it may have been a short stay at the hide today , but it was well worth the effort.

Here’s a few more images….

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