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Snap , Crackle and Pop

Snap , Crackle and Pop – Update

Our three new rescue hedgehogs are now free to come and go as they please. So far it looks like they like the all-inclusive package on offer . All three are still here in the garden….

Here’s the full story……

Snap , the hedgehog

Following on from our successful fox release at the wildflower meadow hide , it’s now the turn of the brushes ( hedgehogs ) and once again we are carrying out a soft release on behalf of the RSPCA Oak and Furrows animal rescue centre.

Pop the hedgehog

Today’s lucky chaps are three hedgehogs that we have named Snap , Crackle and Pop. All born this year and abandoned by their mothers these lucky hogs have been hand reared at the rescue centre. Today they will finally have their first taste of freedom , well nearly. The rear garden has been temporally secured for one night . Tomorrow night they will finally be free to come and go as they please..

Crackle the hedgehog

Snap , Crackle and Pop are the 11th , 12th and 13th hedgehogs to be released into our garden over the past few years. Locally we now have a healthy population of these small endangered mammals. It just goes to show that with a little helping hand , nature can repair the balance .

If you want to know a little more about the iconic hedgehog , please click here.

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