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Wildlife Wednesday – 17th November

At last a day off and a chance to visit the meadow hide. Today i’m joined here by my wife Anne. The weather here in north Wiltshire has definitely started to change, winter is on it’s way and it’s now time to start using the blankets again !

I really expected it to be a slow day , but the hide was buzzing . No sign of our new fox’s , however we had a singe Reeves Muntjac wandering around the meadow together with a grey squirrel and single rat.

The real surprise was the large number of birds. A large flock of Redwings , flying back and forth across the meadow , Blue tits and Great tits , Robins , Blackbirds and Wren. By the end of the day nearly 20 species all told.

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Here is a fantastic little video about Andrew Budziak who spends his nights photographing the animals of Toronto, Canada. Taking hundreds of hours to capture one photo, his work requires a tonne of persistence. see the video here


This must be a new fox , he seems totally confused and a little unsure. What is this strange automated brush thing ?


Nature News 1st December 2021 Wood wide web A science mission is set to explore one of the final frontiers of untapped knowledge on the planet – the fungal networks in the soil beneath us. Fungi form an underground network of connections with plant roots, helping to recycle nutrients and to lock up planet-warming CO2 […]

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