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Countryfile Calendar 2022 , how to enter

The 2021 Countryfile Photographic competition is now open for entries. This year’s theme is ‘Miracles of Nature’ and you don’t have to venture far to find those miracle moments. You may want to focus on the bigger picture capturing some of our amazing natural landscapes – or the smaller miracles of the creatures that live within it. Or maybe you’re keener on the bright flora emerging from the tiny buds of spring; but wherever you are; the city, the countryside, farmland or valleys we want to see your interpretation of ‘Miracles of Nature’.

Click here for more details from the BBC

Peregrine chicks fledge on Ely Cathedral roof live on camera

Four peregrine chicks are the first to be filmed flying the nest since their parents set up home on the roof of a cathedral.The adult birds first arrived at Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire in 2019 and returned again earlier this year.Four chicks hatched in May and a camera, set up near the nest, caught some of their first movements.

Adrian Blumfield from the Hawk and Owl Trust said it was “absolutely brilliant” to see them fledge.Peregrines are the world’s fastest animals, reaching speeds of up to 200mph (320km/h) as they dive steeply, or stoop, on their prey, which mainly consists of pigeons and doves.

Click here for the full story. From the BBC

The Photography Show

The Photography Show returns to the NEC from the 18th To 21st September 2021

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And finally

news from the garden . Don’t mess with hedgehogs…….

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  1. Oh wow great video. I am obsessed with hedgehogs. I had one in my garden from end of July 2019 until Mid Oct 2019 and fed & watered it every night. It never came back, I was so sad. I have photos from those months that I look at from time to time and smile so much 😀


    • Our garden is a release site for a local wildlife hospital . We release two hedgehogs every year and have three resident hogs. We feel privileged and very lucky and two years ago we had two young hogs winter with us in our office , lots of work but so worthwhile. One of the hogs Mr Grumpy still lives in the garden.


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