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Wildlife Wednesday 26-5-2021

Squirrel in the early morning sun

Wednesday again and another full day flying solo at the Meadow Hide. It’s days like this that make all the hard work building the hide worth while. The office is a little crazy at the moment so it’s great to escape to the peace and quiet of the meadow and enjoy a relaxing day watching and occasionally photographing the local wildlife. I have even managed to get a lift to the hide and arranged to be picked up from the local pub , can it get any better ?

Male woodpecker feasting on nuts…..

Anyway back to the wildlife, and it’s been a bumper day for activity. Today’s wildlife include our resident Brown Rats and they have a new picnic table , loaded with peanuts. It has caused quite a stir with the rats and the great tits. The rats were very weary of the table at first , lots of sniffing from a distance for over an hour before the first rat built up the courage to approach the table.

Alfresco dining, more peanuts please……

Both the male and female Woodpeckers have been raiding both peanut feeders ,spending most of the day coming and going. The Kestral has been hunting at the far end of the meadow all morning and even the Jackdaws are getting a little bit braver. All the other usual suspects have been in attendance, including the hare , pheasant, squirrels and small birds ( tits , robins and the wren ) and the blackcap.

The paddling pool has been in full use , rats drinking and all manner of birds coming in for a quick bath and scrub up. For the first time in a few weeks the blackcap is back as well.

The juvenile robins are still here , still hanging around with their parents…

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