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Weekend wildlife at the Meadow Hide

Not the best image , but here is our resident Tawny Owl

Another wet Saturday here in Wiltshire , so once again it’s off to the Hide at the Meadow . Today I have my wife Anne with me . Anne’s a great wildlife spotter , always handy when you have a 180 degree field of vision to cover , and it was Anne who spotted the Tawny Owl , perched in a tree almost directly behind the hide.

We have seen the owl a couple of times at the hide , both times during late evening and his call has been heard most days at the hide but this is the first sighting during the day . He stayed with us for over an hour before flying off.

Another first for me was watching a couple of juvenile Robins , following mum around the feeder looking for food. It’s no understatement to say the juvenile birds are very vocal and demanding.

The rats were out in force yet again. Apart from stealing fat balls from the bird feeders , so far they haven’t been any trouble at all.

We also have several visits from both male and female Great spotted woodpeckers. Both attracted to the peanut feeders.

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