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The Rat Pack 17-4-2021

It’s Saturday morning and back to the meadow hide , this time flying solo. The hide was very busy today with a constant flow of beaks and feathers , all the usual suspects on parade today including the woodpecker.

There were two very noticeable groups of visitors today , the first of which was the blackcap. We have had a male and female come visit the hide for sometime. But today we had a whole lot more , at least two females and more than five males.

The second group or family , was a large number of rats . At least seven but possibly more including a few very small rats.The bird paddling pool seemed to be the focal point. It was then that a distinct trail from the pool to the bank behind was noted , if you like a rat highway obviously back to their nest in the bank.

Today’s visitors to the hide included,

Rats , Grey Squirrel , Kestrel , Red kite , Buzzard , Great spotted woodpecker , Blackcap , Blackbird , Robin , Great tit , Blue tit , Long tailed tit , Dunnock , Chaffinch ,  Wren , Pigeon and Peacock butterfly .


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