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Wildlife Wednesday 14-4-2021

I now feel like I’m fully back into the swing of Wildlife Wednesday, again at our new base The Hide at the Meadow. Today I had the pleasure of my wife Anne joining me at the hide , complete with twin flasks of hot chocolate, a real treat.

It was a busy day , the meadow is just beginning to return to life ,with a noticeable number of bees ad butterflies, the first signs of wildflowers and the trees starting to blossom. A few mammals here today , most notably a rabbit and a few grey squirrels.

Todays guest list included,

Red Kite , Buzzard , Kestrel , Wood pigeon , Magpie , Crow , Blackbird , Dunnock , Robin , Blue tit , Great tit , Long tailed tit , Blackcap , Chiffchaff , Chaffinch , Grey Squirrel and Rabbit.

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