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Wildlife Wednesday 7-4-2021

Now that my isolation is finally over and I’m now free to leave the house it’s a welcome return to Wildlife Wednesday and a day at the Meadow hide. As I have previously said , the hide has a few creature comforts built into the design. The walls and ceiling’s are double skinned and insulated. We have faux leather soft padded  swivel chairs , thick woollen travel blankets to wrap up in , and a gas stove and kettle to make a warming beverage or two. The hide even has a mini bar , stocked with soft drinks and a few bottles of beer ( purely for medicinal purposes)

But there’s still no getting away from the cold , and today it’s been bitterly cold. The air temperature is supposed to be 3c , but when the wind is  blowing straight into you face and your sat still for hours on end it feels colder , a lot colder. However , it’s all worth it , especially when the reward is a few hours peace and quiet watching and filming wildlife.

Today’s visitors included a Kestrel , Red kite and Buzzard , all the usual small woodland birds , a Red necked Pheasant and my favourite little bird the Wren. Once again I can hear the roosting Owl , but I haven’t been able to spot him.

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