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We are now well underway it’s the landscaping at the meadow. Our aim is to naturally restore the wildflower meadow , if you like giving it a helping hand and in the process develop a backdrop for the photography hide. Our helping hand for the meadow is to thin out some of the moss that has spread and give the meadow a much needed mow. This will give the flowers a little more room to spread late this year.

We are also re establishing the northern border with hawthorn , blackthorn and wild privet. All of which are currently growing on the plot and will form a natural hedgerow. Together with the saplings planted in the corner of the plot which will form a mini woodland area.

It’s here that we have indulged our inner photographer. Under one of the mature trees just to the left of the hide we have created a living woodland floor. Because of light issues this area does not support wildflower growth. So instead we created a eight metre x two metre floor from scratch.

Earth removed from digging the foundations of the hide was used to create a slight mound. Dead wood from around the site was used together with all the lovely moss removed from meadow. The result is the background in the photos below. Two weeks ago this was just a rough piece of grass. Now it’s a fantastic place for our ground feeding birds to explore……

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