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words and pictures by Peter Hanscomb

6AC87D09-B846-4E93-9958-E8B674456E0DWith the lockdown in the U.K. now entering it’s fifth week and with limited opportunity to get out and about I have turned my attention and lack of woodwork skills to my own back garden. Along with our regular feathered visitors we are also luck to have resident hedgehogs , visiting foxes and for the purposes of this particular blog , a couple of visiting squirrels.

The squirrels are willing participants in my woodworking exploits, we have the F7AB09AA-554D-45E4-97BA-1A60E8342ABCrefurbished nut swing in the apple tree that’s very much a firm favourite with out nutty little friends. They also have their own pub picnic table , complete with snack bowl and now they have their very own……………..

Pointless bridge to nowhere. It’s sole existence and purpose was to keep me occupied in the workshop. A few days , we’ll actually a whole week taken up , cutting , sanding and staining over thirty pieces of wood that just about resemble a bridge . And just like the picnic table , the local squirrel gang love it , with the first crossing in less than a hour of it’s opening !

And here’s one of the first brave squirrels, testing the bridge……


Want to find out more about squirrels ? Use the link below


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