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By Peter Hanscomb

It’s the end of week two of my enforced hibernation / isolation due to the Corona virus pandemic, only 10 more weeks to go till freedom , or it might be more , anyway the garden photography isn’t going strictly to plan. It might be me , but it seems all the garden birds are isolating themselves as well , or at least The one’s in my garden. Sure we have had  pigeons , magpies and a couple of collard doves , but that really has been that . Ok a brief visit from a pair of great tits , one appearance from a solitary blackbird and the occasional drop in by a squirrel but in reality not a lot of action over the past two weeks , during the day that is.

At night however the garden comes alive with foxes and hedgehogs , so much of the action has been remote via the two Nest cameras and the trail camera. We have four regular hedgehog visitors , most of which seem to be staying in the garden and six or maybe more foxy friends coming to say hello most nights. For the most part they tend to ignore each other. There is one place of interest in the garden however that attracts both our nocturnal friends , the hedgehog feeding  station , hog cafe.

Having had a small battle with tingle tongue the fox for control of the box and it’s content , order has now been restored. It doesn’t stop the foxes trying or showing the cafe the occasional curious visit , but it’s definitely the domain of hedgehogs now , and hedgehogs only. And it seems one hedgehog has already spent too much time in the cafe , compared to the fox in the following clip , he’s huge………

This video doesn’t exist

Want to know a little more about our nocturnal visitors ? Click on the link below……………..

The Fox           The Hedgehog

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