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As promised here’s a quick update on Bob Fox. My wife Anne has been to visit Bob in his new temporary home at the rescue centre.

He is in a twin room ,( separate cages ) with another older and calmer male fox . Both checked into rehab on the same day and it seems the older fox is having a calming effect on Bob , who we are told is a lot less feisty than when he first arrived.

Bob is going to be in rehab for a few weeks , possibly upto eight weeks in total and then if all goes well he will be released back , fit and healthy into our garden. We are paying for his treatment, and have made a donation to the rescue charity. As with GG , there is still a long way to go , so fingers crossed xx.

We also gave Bob and his new room mate a little treat, a jam doughnut each.

Bob and the wrong fox – the update

So yesterday , we caught and trapped Bob’s brother who incidentally was our original target. Exactly one year To the day we finally caught GG the fox. Bobs brother , who we have named Smelly Fox is now in rehab with Bob . It’s becoming a family affair at the rescue centre !

After a quick initial check , Smelly Fox doesn’t seem to be in bad condition . He has very early signs of mange and a couple of open wounds . We expect him to be ready for release quicker than Bob.

We only have Limpy the Fox to catch now , fingers crossed.

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