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Three years ago this week a blog was born , Wildonline. Never in my wildest dreams ( and quite a few nightmares ) did I foresee the blog lasting one year let alone three , and the blog is still going strong. To quote a colleague “ it’s got no legs “ well maybe now it just might have grown some.

But a blog doesn’t just happen , oh no . It needs people , contributors , followers , someone to read and give encouragement to write the next blog. The list is endless , but indulge me a little , this has taken three years to write. Fellow bloggers and writers who have contributed, Bob Brind-Surch , Graham Stewart, Jeni Bell, Alex White, Natasha Weyers and Jo Angell, thank you for your support , help , friendship and for sharing and showing your talent here on Wildonline. All the kind folks out there who read , follow and comment and I would like to Specially mention to Fran Willis , via Facebook, thank you all. And last but by no means least my long suffering wife , Anne.

What started as a simple blog has opened many doors , opportunities like BBC radio , and many different experiences. New friendships made and others strengthened. The blog has gone from strength to strength. From the very first post , Meet the model , Flo the Fox , to now three years later over 500 posts , 3 million plus views in over 145 countries.

Thank you for your support , wisdom and friendship.


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