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by Peter Hanscomb

It’s New Year’s Eve and nearly the end of 2019. Tomorrow heralds the start of a New Year and a new Decade. And in perfect symmetry this is the 500 th blog here on Wildonline, and time for a little self indulgent reflection looking back at the past year.

Wildonline was awarded the number 10 slot in Feedspots list of the top 75 British IMG_3008Wildlife blogs. We also ventured into social media with Linkedin , Twitter and Instagram with varying levels of success. Exposure wasn’t just limited to our online platforms with several articles in print and a couple of appearances on BBC radio, firstly with myself flying solo and thankfully second time around with Jeni in the co-pilot’s seat.

It’s not just been online , we also adopted two young Hedgehogs , Grumpy and Happy who stayed with us here at Wild HQ during the winter months. It soon becomes clear just how much work your average rescue charity IMG_2940has to do to get these charming little fella’s through the winter , we only had two and it was hard work with both eventually being released in May. Our connection with Hedgehogs didn’t end there with a couple of the many photographs of Grumpy and Happy making it into the Hedgehog Preservation Society’s 2020 calendar.

The blogs continued to flow, over 250 with new Meet the Model and two new longer reads , the Fox and the Hedgehog. New Location-location-location featuring Lower Moor farm and Langford Lakes plus new blogs from Alex White , Jeni Bell and Graham Stewart.

For me the best part of 2019 is definitely the amazing support from all of you out there , who have read , followed and encouraged the team this year .Thank you seems inadequate but all the same to everyone of you i would like to say the biggest Thank you .

All that remains is for me on behalf of the team at Wildonline , Jo , Jeni, Graham, Alex, Bob and Anne to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

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