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Spikes Hog Cam – Who’s in the box ? Take 2


Hog Watch , proudly sponsored by Spikes Hedgehog Food


It’s now been 4 days since our new boxes arrived , with I promise you two little Hedgehogs inside.


So why are we fostering two hedgehogs for the winter. Putting it quite simply, these two young boys would not have survived the winter if left outside on their own. A combination of low weight and no nest site would by now have ended their short life’s.

Why interfere with nature , a good question . We are directly responsible for the hedgehogs demise, one of our few truly wild mammals are now so low in numbers  that there is a real risk we could lose  them forever. If these two males survive the winter and can be released back into the wild it might just make a difference.

The aim is simple , keep the temperature in the room above 5c and the hedgehogs natural instinct to hibernate will be suppressed. Supply food and water daily , keep human contact to a minimum and we hopefully will have two healthy Hedgehogs to release in the spring.

anyway enough of the heavy stuff , here are a couple of new images …..


Ok , this is just the bedding , strips of news paper to simulate fallen leaves. And here is the first picture of Hog 55….


We are still looking for names , email your choice to








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