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The Hide , Saturday 11th March 2023

It’s that time of year at the meadow when we start to look forward to the arrival of new life . Some of the trees are already full of buds and there are just the faintest sights of new plant life in the meadow itself. The latest addition to the meadow is a number of bird boxes. It’s always been the plan to try and encourage birds to nest at the hide , last year was a really good nesting season with young Blackbirds , Robins , Blue tits and Woodpeckers all making an appearance. As they say , every little helps.

We are also just about to start the next phase of tree planting. We have a carefully selected blend of native trees to plant that are already growing in the hedgerows around the Hide.

Anyway , back to the locals . It’s been a busy day with the local squirrel population taking centre stage. Here are a few more images from today…..

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