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The Hide , Thursday 2nd March 2023

Kit used , Canon R5 & 800 f11 lens

A relatively short afternoon session today here at the Hide and for o change rather pleasant weather for the time of year. Blue skies are always welcome especially when coupled with plus degree temperatures, a real bonus when you’re sat in a hide for a few hours !

It’s also really good to see all the trees. Starting to Bud and show signs of new live and growth. I am sure the cold damp winter isn’t over yet but it’s lovely to see that spring is now just around the corner. ( the official start of spring in the U.K. happens on March 20th )

So who’s in attendance at the Hide today , well the usual gang are here , Robins , Blue tits , Great tits , Chaffinch and Blackbirds. Wood pigeon, Pheasant and Long tailed tits. One of my favourite little birds the  Dunnock, again here in good numbers rummaging about in the log pile next to the pool. Another bird that likes to rummage  through the log pile is the Wren. I haven’t seen the Wren for a few weeks so it’s a very much welcomed return for this tiny bird. Here at the hide it’s not just feathered visitors , and representing the mammals today was the Grey Squirrel and Rabbits. Both of which are now regular visitors.

Here’s a few more images from today……

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