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The Hide , Monday 6th February 2023

It’s another cold cold day here in North Wiltshire , not helped by the early pre 7 am start. It’s a long time since I have had to scrap ice off the car ! ( thankfully it’s also m first outing in my new thermal base layer , purchased for our recent holiday in the Canadian Rockies so all in all , a reasonably comfortable day’s photography here in the hide.

The early morning start also proved to be worth it with a bumper days wildlife watching. Let’s start with the mammals for a change. Lots of activity from our resident Grey Squirrels for a start. We had at least four of these cheeky chaps running around and around the pool chasing each other. A quick fleeting appearance from a Brown Hare and a few rabbits hanging out in the early afternoon sun. Star attraction of the day , a solitary Reeves Muntjac who spent nearly half an hour munching the new vegetation on the bank near the hide.

It was a good day for our feathered visitors as well with appearances from the Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Gold Crest , Bullfinch and Long-tailed tits. Plus all the usual suspects.

Here’s a few more images from today…..

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