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The Hide , Tuesday 17th January 2023

Frozen. The paddling pool , frozen . The  padlocks on the hide , frozen . My feet , not quite frozen but really cold. As I arrived at the hide today the car thermometer was reading -4c , and the air temperature felt a good few degrees colder. I had to pour some of my lovely coffee into a cup and use this as a padlock bath . And then smash all the ice on the paddling pool with a lump hammer , which I then repeated three times during the day.

Still it was worth the effort. And despite the cold temperature, things are starting to hot up around the pool. Squirrels chasing each other constantly , round and round. The normally placid Robin’s are also suddenly very territorial. It’s that time of year. Star of the day , a rather delightful and healthy looking Red Fox.

Anyway here are a few images……..

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