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Wildlife Wednesday, 18 th May 2022

We are half way through May already , where does the time go ? The meadow is shooting up really fast . Despite my efforts at the weekend strumming the pathway down to the hide I still managed to get totally soaking wet from the knees down , due to the wet grass . Lucky for me my trouser legs zip off so at least they have a chance to dry and my modesty has been preserved.

It’s been a long day at the hide today. From eight in the morning till six o’clock pm , not that I’m complaining, it’s such a peaceful and relaxing place to spend a few hours ( ok , 10. hours ) but at least I’m being picked up from the local village pub , after a few well earned pints.

Anyway , enough of me . Let me get to the main attraction , the wildlife. The feathers and furries have been coming and going all day . The bank vole , Hare and Squirrel all on the guest list together with all the usual visiting birds. Once again the paddling pool has been the centre of the action , visiting mammals drinking and birds having a splash and bath.

Now we are settled in , one of our main aims is to record the changes each season brings , and already it has given us a few surprises. I can remember reading a report that said that natures clock was ahead of schedule, birds where nesting earlier and insects appearing earlier as well. Well today seems to have proven the point.

Two different species of birds where feeding their respected young fledglings at the paddling pool. The young Blackbird was following its male parent around noisily demanding food and at times throwing a tantrum if it’s demands where not meet. It was very much the same story with the family of Chaffinch . Except this time both parents were trying to keep up with two youngsters , with the same result. 

Here are a few more photos…..


Roger the Rabbit , Oryctolagus cuniculus The Rabbit has a special relationship with us humans in the U.K. The introduced spices crosses many boundaries, it’s a loved domestic pet , cute wild animal , a commonly used food source , agricultural pest and is woven throughout our culture and folklore. Where would the modern day […]


Thursday at the Meadow Finally, it’s a long awaited and anticipated return to wildlife photography at the Meadow Hide with my cameras at the ready and fully charged for the first time in nearly three weeks ! And it feels good , real good. Yesterdays work at the Meadow with the strimmer and grass cutter […]


One of our foxy visitors wants the hog food , but the box is so scary……


The New Fox Three nights ago I had an amazing encounter with a young vixen who didn’t seem at all fazed seeing me on my drive. We spent what seemed like ages in a calm standoff just watching each other from a safe distance.  For the last few nights we have repeated the experience , […]


Wildlife encounters, you can research and plan all you like but sometimes the best experiences just happen by chance and in the most unexpected places, and today just proves the point.  I will set up the scene , I’m home alone with total control of the TV remote watching a box set when a strange […]

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