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Nature First

As a wildlife photographer and amateur naturalist the well-being of my models , the wildlife and natural world has always been my first concern. The only thing i want to take from any location are memories and hopefully a few half decent images. The well being of the animals around me will always take priority over any photo opportunity.

Our work at the wildflower meadow is a perfect example. We are one year into a five year project , not to restore the meadow , but to protect and fiddle as little as possible in nature. We are replanting but with care. All the new plants are native and already established in other areas of the meadow. Every single change we make has a knock on effect to another plant or animal species. Its not simply a case of replanting to create a perfect landscape.

Recently i was introduced to Nature First , thank you Ryan Garden , and i think their philosophy perfectly sums up what we should all be aiming for as wildlife photographers.

Welcome to Nature First

Our Mission…

Nature First promotes the protection and preservation of the world’s natural and wild places through inspiring, educating, and uniting everyone making photographs and videos in nature; empowering them to be ambassadors of the natural world.

We can’t ignore our impact on the environment so we must do our bit to minimise it, communicate the importance of positive change and give back to the landscape to help mitigate our damage. Collectively, we can make a difference. – Simon Baxter


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