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Wildlife at the meadow , Tuesday 1st February 2022

A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” -Maya Angelou

Another day here at the wildflower meadow hide, and after a little maintenance and topping up the various feeders time to relax and hopefully capture a few images……

One of our regular visitors to the meadow and star of many photographs is the ever popular Robin. In the U.K. the Robin is a real success story , with numbers constantly growing. This feisty little bird is always fascinating to watch. One little known fact is that it uses unwary ants and millipedes as a kind of insecticide. Seized in the bird’s bill, the hapless invertebrate unleashes its defensive chemical weapons. The robin then rubs these compounds all over its feathers to get rid of parasites like mites and ticks. As they say , every day’s a school day !

Anyway , who has made it into todays roll call , well most of my usual meadow friends. The Great tit , Blue tit , Long tailed tit , Wren , Dunnock and of course the Robin . The Jay has been flying in to the feeders at the rear of the paddling pool all day , however this timid woodland bird has managed to do a fantastic job of avoiding my camera. I think more attention is needed to my field craft with this one ! .

Also here today , the Great spotted woodpecker , Pheasant , Blackbird , Wood pigeon , Magpie and Crow. Birds of prey are represented by the Red kite and Buzzard. And lastly the mammals , Bank vole and Grey squirrel.

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