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The Hide 18th January 2022

Again , it’s another day at the meadow hide and today it’s cold , darn cold and damp with patchy fog.  The thermometer says it’s -2c and I wouldn’t disagree. As one of my friends says “ you must be madder than a box of frogs “ to sit out in a wooden hut in this weather. I have no idea what he means but the hide is freezing and I’m definitely feeling the cold today and I have both travel blankets out and in use. But it doesn’t matter how cold it gets , I have hot coffee , wildlife for company and I certainly don’t miss my old office or commute !

Speaking of the wildlife , my feathered friends keeping me company and braving the cold today included the ever present Robin. I recently posted on Facebook a few images of the Robin taken at the hide with the tag line “everyone’s favourite winter bird “ and judging from the comments and response , I don’t think I was far wrong. As one of the comments said, it’s lovely on a dull day to see the colourful little bird , it brightens my day.

The Robin was joined by the usual crowd. Blue tits , Great tits , Dunnock , Long tailed tits , Wren ,  Chaffinch , Blackbird , Great spotted woodpecker , Jay , Song thrush , the first sighting this year of the Kestrel flying low across the meadow , Wood pigeon , Pheasant and Grey squirrel.


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