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Winter is definitely here , it’s really cold here today at the meadow hide. The hide is protected from the wind and elements by a bank of trees but the trees also block most of the sun , so the hide is permanently in the shade. What even the temperature is outside its always a few degrees colder inside. That’s a real advantage in the warmer months, but those days are well behind us now.

Anyway , lots of activity here today with a good variety of bird species on parade , including Redwing , Jay , Coal tit and all the usual woodland birds. Here are a few images……..


Roger the Rabbit , Oryctolagus cuniculus The Rabbit has a special relationship with us humans in the U.K. The introduced spices crosses many boundaries, it’s a loved domestic pet , cute wild animal , a commonly used food source , agricultural pest and is woven throughout our culture and folklore. Where would the modern day […]


Thursday at the Meadow Finally, it’s a long awaited and anticipated return to wildlife photography at the Meadow Hide with my cameras at the ready and fully charged for the first time in nearly three weeks ! And it feels good , real good. Yesterdays work at the Meadow with the strimmer and grass cutter […]


One of our foxy visitors wants the hog food , but the box is so scary……

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