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Iris – day one , the first steps to freedom

Yes I know , today should really be Wildlife Wednesday and yes , I will be at the meadow hide later today but for the time being I’m sat on our kitchen floor watching from a distance Iris the rescue hedgehog enjoy her first taste of semi freedom.

Last nights first attempt of a soft release into the safety of our back garden didn’t go to plan. After all the excitement yesterday ( meeting new people and a trip in the car ) Iris decided to have a sleep in. She emerged from the hog house at 3am and was still up at 7 am exploring the garden. The good news is she has found the food left out for her and doesn’t seem phased by the up close and personal attention from our local magpies. She has also ignored the four squirrels who are currently chasing each other round and round the garden , welcome to the nut house Iris !

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