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Wildlife Wednesday   28-7-2021

By Peter Hanscomb

Hello and welcome to another Wildlife Wednesday from the Meadow Hide. Once again I’m flying solo in the hide. It’s really good to be back in the hide today , work commitments kept me away last week and I really missed my mid week escape to the meadow. And today has been a complete mixed bag when it comes to the weather . Hot and sunny one minute, pouring down with rain the next.

The new small drystone wall we built last Sunday together with the newly scattered logs have been embraced by our ground feeding birds , the Wren , Dunnock , blackbird and Robin. We have tried to create an environment suited to all our feathered visitors. One surprise was just how popular the stone wall is with our newest resident the Bank vole. He has been in and out of the wall , exploring his new home.

The Little Hunter

The Wren might be the smallest bird visiting the Meadow but despite its demure size it’s still a formidable hunter. A couple of Wren’s have spent most of the day searching through the log piles by the paddling pool searching for insects and spiders. The Wren’s were joined in their hunt by a couple of Robins , its safe to say its not been a good day for the local spider population.

Guest book

Mammals – Rabbit , Bank vole

Birds – Blue tit , Great tit , Chaffinch , Robin , Chiffchaff , Dunnock , Blackcap , Blackbird , Pigeon , Wren , Greater spotted woodpecker

Birds of prey – Red kite

Others – Tree bumblebee , Red admiral butterfly , Spotted wood butterfly , Ringlet butterfly , Large white butterfly , Hoverfly

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