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We are now in the second phase of the rejuvenation of the wildflower meadow. The hide is as good as finished and has surpassed my expectations. We have now moved on to the replanting of the meadow fringes, with the first batch of trees arriving next week.

At the same time we have started to strim the meadow itself. This will allow the wildflowers a little more room so what seems very severe will actually benefit the meadow. Our aim is natural regeneration with as little interference from us as possible.

What has amazed me is the just how unfazed the local wildlife has been by our presence in the meadow. There has been a lot of noise during construction of the hide but it seems to have had no effect on the bird life and now we’re actually in the hide the bird life is flourishing.

We have a resident Little owl and Kite on site. But now our remote trigger trap cameras have picked up two more regular visitors , a Sparrow Hawk and Barn Owl.

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