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It’s time for some good news , Bob the rescue fox is back after ten weeks of treatment for mange at the Oak and Furrows wildlife centre. It’s poetic that as we humans in England head into a four week covid-19  lockdown , Bob the fox  will finally be free ! 

Safe to say the staff at Oak & Furrows will miss Bob and his antics , including sleeping with the lights on. A big thanks to the team at Oak & Furrows, a lot of work has gone into Bob’s release. Bob is in tip top condition , in reality you wouldn’t believe it’s the same fox . His winter coat looks great and his eyes have depth and life. He was a little reluctant to leave the box , but at last he’s now free.

Bob on the day he was caught, pre treatment

Bob , just before release

Possibly the best piece of news , it seems all the local fox population are healthy , all with good coats so it looks like Bob’s going back into a safe Mange free environment.

Here is the start of Bob’s story – THE WRONG FOX

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