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Profile – Peter Hanscomb

Name.             Peter Hanscomb

Location.       Swindon , Wiltshire , UK.

Age.                 56

Occupation   Blogger at


Taking a well deserved rest , canoeing on Lake Louise , Alberta , Canada.

First Camera .           Canon 550d DSLR ,  I purchased the camera as part of a started kit with a 55mm & 75-300mm lenses.

Current Camera.      Canon 5ds and Canon R5

Favorite Subject.      Any British Mammal, if I had to pick one it would definitely be a Fox , or maybe a Hedgehog , or Squirrel. Ok let’s just leave it at any mammal.

Favorite Locations.   My local Woodland Trust , Purton  Woods. Swindon. It’s taken me some time to get to know the woods , where are  the best spots for photography , who calls the woods home, but it’s worth the effort.

My other favourite location would have to be Banff National Park , in the Canadian Rockies. I have been fortunate to visit Banff many times over the past few years . A truly stunning location.

Top Three Shots 


Flou , the Fox . Taken at the British Wildlife Centre. Flou was the perfect model , and the inspiration for this blog. Still one of my favourite photo’s.


Oscar the Otter. Another of my favourite photos. This photo was taken in Devon at the West Country Wildlife Photography Centre.


This cheeky chap was the subject of my One challenge in September, after waiting for so long it was a pleasure and privilege to spend 10 minutes photographing this handsome young man.

How long have you been interested in photography ?             Photography is a relatively new thing for me ,I have always benn interested in taking pictures and had many different point and shoot cameras over the years . I purchased my first proper camera in 2014 so only really three years. Originally this was a retirement project , something to keep me busy after my working days are over but the photography bug has me in its grip.

Why wildlife ?    Like most new photographers, I started taking pictures of anything that moved or didn’t move. Quite quickly I realised that people didn’t interested me , so definitely no weddings or portrait photography. I have experimented with landscape and macro photography in the past and while I enjoy both , it doesn’t get me excited. There has always been a love of nature , animals and the outdoors. So about a year ago I decided to concentrate on Local wildlife.

Why start a blog ?  The blog came about by chance really, my wife had started a totally unrelated blog , and at the time it seemed like a good idea……time will tell ? A chance meeting with Bob ( Bob’s Blog ) and a cheeky request asking Bob to guest write on the blog seem’s to point to a longer lifespan for the blog than I originally planned. Plus the blog’s now being followed in over 40 countries…….

Top Tips –

Ask…….There’s no such thing as a stupid question , ask and most people you’ll meet will be pleased to help or explain and point you in the right direction.

Experiment……. With today’s digital cameras it’s now cheap and easy to take risks with your camera settings . Take the time to get use to your cameras creative capabilities and have fun.

What are your future plans ?   My long term plan was  to purchase a plot of woodland, and hope to set up a hide for wildlife photography.  January 2021 this finally happened. Wildonline has a new permanent base , our own hide at the wildflower meadow. Nearly two acres of land nestled in the glorious North Wiltshire countryside.

©️ Wildonline 2020

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