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Golden eagles have bred at a “rewilding” estate in the Scottish Highlands for the first time in 40 years.

An eagle pair successfully reared the chick at an artificial eyrie on the 10,000-acre Trees for Life Dundreggan estate.

This positive news came as it emerged that a young tagged gold eagle known as Tom has gone missing in Perthshire.

Tom was being satellite-tracked by Raptor Persecution UK.

Springwatch presenter Chris Packham has also been working on the tagging project.

The Tayside and Central Scotland Moorland Group said members of the community in Strathbraan had been out looking for Tom.

On the Dundreggan estate an artificial nest was built five years ago high on a rocky crag, on the remains of an old nest site.

Its purpose was to encourage a pair of golden eagles to mate. It was made using branches from the native pines and birch trees that cover the mountain slopes.

Doug Gilbert is the manager of the estate. He has been checking the eyrie every spring for the last five years. He described it as a “rewilding successes story beyond our wildest dreams”.


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  1. Wonderful news ! I hope that the new born chick will live al long an happy life. On the other side, it’s terrible to read about the disappearance of so much eagle nearby.


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