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Update 11th June

We are still heading in the right direction with Paws. She is still taking medication with the food left out for her . Here’s a short clip………

Paws , 10th June


A quick update , hopefully we may have turned a corner with Paws , two weeks worth of medication and she seems a lot brighter. Hard to really tell her true condition from this cctv video but my aim is two stake out the food tonight to get a better look at her. Still a long way to go but good news….

Here’s the previous update

So far so good. Here is a short video of Paws , a regular visitor to our garden. She’s not in good shape and has a really bad case of mange , which if untreated will lead to a slow , painful death. The good news is we have now managed to get her to take five days worth of medication via the food .


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